Elon Musk warns that Starlink Internet Satellites can be bombed

It is a known fact that Tesla Chief’s Starlink Internet Satellites are offering consistent internet connectivity to Ukrainians who are facing a lot of troubles because of the Russian-waged illogical war.

However, Elon Musk predicted that the Putin-led nation can either down the internet satellite with missiles or could alter their operations in such a way that they could hit each other and damage themselves.

By doing so, Moscow could achieve two things: One to cut off satellite internet connectivity to Ukrainians and the second is to use the low orbit space crafts to hit other satellites, causing inconvenience to millions around the world.

Technically, satellites that offer internet communicate with each other through a constellation of interconnected satellites that revolve in low-orbits around the world.

And if the Kremlin targets such space capsules with missiles, it can lead to a communication disaster not only in & around the war zone but also across the world.

To those interested, information is out that a satellite-based digital attack launched on Feb 24th, on Viasat, via KA-SAT Satellite led to a network outage affecting around 9,000 users accessing the web in Europe.

Another internet service provider, Bigblu, of Eutelsat, was also hit by a cyberattack, possibly launched by Kremlin and it affected around 40k subscribers using in Germany, France, Hungary, Greece, Italy, and Poland.

The issue is that the civilians who have fled from Kyiv are facing connectivity issues on borders of neighboring nations as their mobile phones linked to satellite internet were failing to load Google and other basic application-related services- leading to panic among their near & dear.


Naveen Goud
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