Enabling External Collaboration with a CASB


This post was originally published here by  Rich Campagna.

Bitglass’ Sales Kickoff was this week, our periodic chance to host the global sales team to get everyone trained on the latest and greatest, and pumped about the CASB market opportunity. At each of these events, we host a variety of speakers – technology partners, advisors, investors, channel partners, and customers. 

Our champion at a Global 2000 enterprise with over 100,000 users shared his organization’s journey to the cloud and why they chose the Bitglass solution over other CASBs and over Microsoft’s built-in Cloud App Security (CAS) product.  Here are some points he made:

  • Bitglass’ agentless technology with AJAX-VM made deployment a breeze. 
  • Our ability to integrate with various premises security systems like AD, SIEM, and DLP, quickly and easily, allowing them to extend their existing security controls to the public cloud. 
  • The extensibility of the Bitglass platform, providing data protection not only for major SaaS apps, but a framework for integrating any app this organization decides they need to protect in the future. 
  • A powerful, native data leakage prevention engine.
  • Bitglass is now a single pane of glass for all of their cloud data protection requirements. 

He reinforced the importance of the Bitglass agentless architecture several times during his talk, but the highlight for me was when he brought up new business use cases that the Bitglass CASB helps them enable that aren’t otherwise possible:

“Your agentless technology and AJAX-VM allows something we have never before been able to do – secure collaboration with our partners and contractors.”

All too often, we think of security products as tools that enable us to stop bad things (data leakage, malware inection, credential compromise, etc) from happening. This organization broadened that view to think not just about what can be stopped, but what new can be done with (the right) security tech.

Enabling your business with new tools and capabilities, securely, is really the mission of a Cloud Access Security Broker. In 2017, security professionals in every major industry, even highly regulated industries like financial services and healthcare, are able to say yes to unmanaged device access, external sharing, third party collaboration, and more, thanks to CASB technology. Powerful stuff!

Photo: vrjournal.com


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