Energy sectors of Europe and North America being targeted by new wave of Cyber Attacks


A hackers group known as Dragonfly is said to be targeting energy sectors across Europe and North America with a new wave of cyber attacks. And this startling revelation was given by Symantec Security Response team.

A dragonfly is a hacking group which is in operation since 2011 and has re-emerged over the past two years. The Dragonfly 2.0 campaign is said to be more disruptive than the previous and is said to have begun in late 2015. From then on the area of interest for the said hackers group has been the energy sector of the west.

Note- Dragonfly is the same hacking group which shared its tools and tactics with Russian hackers who disrupted Ukraine power systems in 2015 and 2016.

Symantec has confirmed in its research that Dragonfly is interested in learning how energy facilities operate across the west. The security firm adds in its report that Dragonfly group also has interest in gaining access to the operating systems in power utilities and then starts sabotage based on the instructions of state funded actors.

In a promotional tone, Symantec disclosed that all its customers using its products are protected against the activities of the Dragonfly group.

Security researchers from Symantec Security Response team have discovered that Dragonfly modus operandi takes place from Turkey and Switzerland. So, the Mountain View based security organization claims that the roots of the said hacking group might be in Switzerland.

Hope, the White House, and GCHQ have taken a note of this issue.

Naveen Goud
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