England Cyber Warriors quash two cyber attacks per day


National Cyber Security Team of Britain has made it official that it quashes two cyber attacks per day and prevents hackers from getting into the networks of MOD, NHS and the Bank of England.

Since, the inception of England’s the National Cyber Security Team in October 2016, the cyber warriors have succeeded in defending the nation against 68 major cyber attacks, out of which 17 were state sponsored by China, Russia, North Korea and Iran.

The National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) was set up last year in order to simplify cyber security landscape to a major extent. The main duty of this cyber security center is to isolate all public and private British organizations from being hacked. This includes Bank of England, The Ministry of Defense, Nuclear Bases and the NHS.

NCSC is a security arm of GCHQ and acts as a collaborative platform securing the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, CERT-UK and the Centre for Cyber Assessment.

According to a cyber security report published in Mirror, in recent times China and Russia have emerged as major threats to England, especially after BREXIT. Hackers from these regions are either trying to steal technology or critical data from the country’s financial systems.
While North Korea is also indulging in such activities, NCSC discovered that hackers from Iran are acting for other countries.

Factually speaking, Ransomware has emerged as a notorious malware in recent times. Very recently, a Forbes article highlighted a fact on how Bitcoin wallets were vulnerable to cyber crooks.

So, NCSC has warned all the British Populace against malicious phishing links which could propel ransomware.

Note- Crypto Currency- a digital form of currency is a big hit in Europe and especially in London. So, bitcoins enthusiasts residing in these regions are becoming soft targets of cyber crooks from all around the world.

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