Enhanced Mobile Security features for Android and iPhone users


iPhone and Apple Watch users will be happy to hear this news as Apple Inc will offer iOS 14.5 Operating system that will help its users unlock their devices even if they use a face mask.

Yes, as wearing a mask has become a necessity than just a trend, Apple says that its iOS 14.5 will detect the face of the owner even if he/she wears a mask. And also, all apps that are stored on the device cannot access user data without having a permission.

Thus, App Tracking Transparency framework will not allow advertisers project ads to the users on a direct note unless the user allows them to track. And those developers who do not comply with the new framework may get banned on a temporary or permanent note.

SIRI will allow users to get fresh voices and will permit users to change their default voice as well.

Google will add enhanced security features on its Android 12 loaded operating system like the latest “App Hibernation”. This newly developed section will put unused apps that are not being used from the past three months in a separate section; disabling all permissions that were granted to those apps and will also delete temporary files like logs, cache and others.

To those who need further clarity, Google Android 12 operating system will not delete unused apps on an automated note. But will keep them in a separate section to help free up some storage space.

For enterprise devices, the Alphabet Inc’s subsidiary will offer ‘Work Profile Security’ challenge that will enable password complexity on high, medium and low scale. Adding to it will be the feature of device passcode that will allow users to increase the strength of authentication to device.

The operating system will allow its users to block the camera and microphone with the help of a toggle screen in the quick settings menu. This feature is said to help those who are concerned that their device might get targeted with spying tools that allow hackers monitor all the activities happening before and on the phone.

Naveen Goud
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