Equinix hit by Ransomware

    Equinix data centers operating in United States were reportedly hit by Ransomware and this was disclosed in an official statement popping up on the website from early hours of September 9th,2020.

    The message published on the official website stated that the data center operations in the facility remained unaffected and as most of the users own their own equipment, the ransomware incident remained unaffected.

    Equinix has stated that it has taken all necessary precautions to contain the malware spread and has launched an investigation on this note.

    Thus, with the latest incident, the Redwood technology giant has joined the long list of CSPs that have been targeted by Ransomware attack and that includes some noted companies like Cognizant, A2Hosting, SmarterASP.NET, Dataresolution.net, Internet Nayana and CyrusOne.

    NOTE 1- Equinix offers Colocation services where customers can install their own servers, storage and networking equipment in Equinix premises that give an assurance of data & networking continuity to a large extent. It is like the business of public cloud, but has a difference. On a public cloud, the owner of the hardware and the software will be the CSP, whereas in Colocation based data center, customers can install their own equipment.

    NOTE 2- Usually, ransomware spreading gangs steal data and then lock down the server databases from access. And with Equinix, nothing has been made official yet-about the data theft and ransom demand/payment.

    NOTE 3- The company is known as a leader in the business of Colocation as it owns around 205 data centers spread across 25 nations in 5 continents.

    Naveen Goud
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