Ericsson serious about the data breach and data leak to media

Ericsson, the Sweden-based Telecom Company that was involved in the 2019 money laundering case with a terrorist organization, seems to be serious about some of the internal documents being leaking to Swedish and international news outlets.

According to a highly placed source the senior level management of the company is miffed with the reports claiming that the company was involved in channelizing money to the Islamic State (IS) Terrorist Group in Iraq making millions during suspicious transactions that took place between 2011 and 2019.

Some of the investigated documents that act as evidence have now leaked to the Swedish media firms and so the company is looking to launch another serious investigation on how third party firms could gain access to such classical information.

To those unaware of the involvement of Ericsson in the money laundering case, here’s a gist of it.

On March 2nd 2021, Ericsson broke an agreement with the US DoJ by hiding evidence about alleged corruption of its officials in Iraq. Evidence is out that the company was involved in some kind of money swindling activities with companies that were funding ISIS. Later, its internal investigations revealed that some of its employees were involved in corruption and misconduct by engaging in unlawful activities, which the company took a note of later.

Ericsson paid $1 billion to the US Department of Justice for deferring the agreement and for hiding the activity.

Now, Ericsson found the documents prepared after the investigations have leaked to some Swedish media resources and suspects an internal hand in the whole drama.

More details on this story are awaited!


Naveen Goud
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