Ethical hackers training for Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympic Games


Over 220 Ethical hackers were trained recently by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan to counter and mitigate risks related to potential cyber attacks on Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympic Games.

And news is out that the most of the trained professionals belonged to Telecom sector like Nippon Telegraph and Telephone. The aim of the program was to prepare a team of cyber professionals with 20 subjects and expertise related to cyber security field.

The IT security experts held the competition with a strategy where multiple cyber teams were formed to attack one another and to protect their assigned digital infrastructure containing a bunch of physical and virtual servers.

From the past few months or rather specifically saying since June 2020 there have been n number of speculations in the Japanese media that the 2021 year Olympics and Paralympics games to be scheduled in Tokyo will be hit by cyber attacks propelled by state funded actors from Russia and China.

Cementing the claim was last year’s charges leveled by United States against 6 Russian intelligence for launching digital invasions on the 2018 Winter Olympic Games held in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and trying to disrupt the opening ceremony with a malware called “Olympic Destroyer”.

Thus, to avoid any untoward incident in the last minute, organizers holding Tokyo Olympics in 2021 have prepared a cyber team that would be assigned the task of saving the games from any kind of digital disruption.

Currently, speculations are rife that the Olympics might be held without spectators and so the games will be live streamed from the sports arenas through TV channels and websites.

Note- Originally, the Tokyo Olympics were scheduled to take place in July-August of last year. But because of the wide spread of coronavirus, the multi sporting event was canceled and postponed to July 23-Aug 8th of 2021; followed by Paralympics 2021 to be held between Aug 24- September 5th of 2021.

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