Facebook Artificial Intelligence Metaverse is concerning


Facebook (FB) CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave a glimpse of Artificial Intelligence propelled Metaverse technology last week and the explanatory video posted by Mr. Zuckerberg on his account enthralled most of us.

However, not everyone has become a fan of the new Metaverse technology, as Eric Schmidt, the former lead of Google, has expressed his concerns over the usage of technology in near future.

First to those unfamiliar with the technology developments, here’s a gist of it. Metaverse is an immersive virtual world that is close to the real world and is generated on the computer or rather, being specific in computing devices.

Schmidt expressed his concerns over the Facebook’s owned and developed Metaverse technology and stated that it could emerge as the next big thing to the human society, only if its development & usage are done under strict scientific simulative conditions.

Ex Google Chief Eric Schmidt stated Meta could emerge as a giant, false god that could lead to disastrous relationships among humans as it portrays the virtual figures as super rich, more handsome/beautiful, more powerful, faster and smarter and as a highly ethical person.

Usage of AI technology in human lives was not only opposed by Google head Eric. In fact from the past two years, Tesla Chief Elon Musk was also criticizing the use of AI as he claimed it to be invasive and eventually concluded that some companies and governments were developing the tech for some political and economic developments.

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