Facebook may pay £12000 compensation to each UK User


British Populace is in a plan to sue Facebook for its data scandal and is confident to get a £12000 compensation each from the social media giant. Announcing the same yesterday, a few of the elite group from Briton along with their lawyers issued a public statement which said that they might sue Mark Zuckerberg led company after receiving a nod from the Information Commissioner’s office.

All these days, Mark Zuckerberg admitted that data related to the populace of America was falsely harvested by the UK based company named Cambridge Analytica. But he never threw light on the data leak related to the Facebook users of Britain.

However, more than a million Britons argue that their personal details were collected by Cambridge Analytica via Facebook on a pretext that it is being collected for a personality quiz.

Thus, renowned UK Lawyer Jonathan Compton said that those participating in the quiz are now in an intention to complain to the Watchdog after which they would be moved to the civil court on the ground that losing their data has been distressing.

As the case is strong on the side of Britons, they could be entitled to a compensation ranging from £10K to £12K each.

And if the case, goes in favor of the British and if in case, they win a currency compensation as mentioned above, then more trouble could await Zuckerberg as the US populace will surely follow the Brits in this regard.

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