Facebook takes data sharing pledge from WhatsApp Users

To all the two billion users who are active on WhatsApp, here’s a news piece that might grab your attention. On February 8th,2021, the American freeware will roll out a security update to all its users living in different countries- excluding Europe that they need to accept the fact that their data will be shared with Facebook, the parent company of the WhatsApp.

The change will not affect those living in Europe and will apply to all irrespective of the fact whether or not they own a legible Facebook account.

Facebook has hinted this change early last year when it declared that it will share the data of users between all its subsidiaries. The social networking giant claims that all such info share will help it in improving, operating, providing, understanding, customizing, supporting and marketing its services.

Since the data privacy rules in Europe differ from the other parts of the world; a source from WhatsApp has confirmed that the latest data sharing policy will not apply in European region because of GDPR.

Most of the WhatsApp users will start receiving the notification on their WhatsApp application from early next week- regarding the change. And they need to just click on “I Agree” tab to accept the latest update.

Technically, WhatsApp was acquired by the Mark Zuckerberg owned company in 2014, and from the year 2016 it has been sharing the data of its popular app with its users.

On why the company has revealed it on an official note at this time of the year is yet to be found.

As the change in data sharing policies was announced by Facebook (FB), several WhatsApp users took to twitter to vent their anger. A bunch of them have also threatened to delete their FB, Instagram and WhatsApp accounts if the company failed to roll back the latest update.

Naveen Goud
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