Facebook to spy through your Webcam or Phone

For all those who are extremely concerned about your privacy, here’s some news to share. Facebook is thinking to implement a new technology by this year end in which it will literally spy on you through your webcam or phone.

As per the sources of Cybersecurity Insiders, a creepy patent was granted to the social media in 2015 which allows the web services juggernaut to collect the live footage of your facial expressions via your phone camera or webcam. And the new technology of Facebook is supposed to be used to tailor news feeds based on the responses of your facial expressions.

While it is still unclear, when the new technology will take the reality form, security analysts believe that this is close to the concept of ethical hacking and could trigger privacy concerns among Facebook users.

As per the details available to us from a market insights firm called CB Insights, the patent is called “Techniques for Emotion Detection and Content Delivery”.  In simple, it means delivery of content based on the user’s reactions seen on his/her facial expression.

For instance, if you liked a 4-month’s baby dancing to a popular tune and smiled to the video, your next content feed will include all such videos related to the same theme.

This is being achieved by Facebook by using passive imaging data or video captured by cameras which aren’t turned on in real. What this means in simple terms is that though the webcam light doesn’t appear as ‘on’ to you, it still records and streams your facial expressions to the Facebook servers as soon as your view a photo or video.

In another example quoted by CB Insights, if in case, a user looks aside while watching a video of a specific team performing well in NBA, then in future, the content delivery system of Facebook might exclude those videos of that specific NBA team from your web page.

Facebook is planning to introduce more such technologies which are close to spying in near future.

And till this technology comes into reality, let’s debate on this privacy concerning technology through the comments section below.

Just feel free to speak your mind. But keep it relevant to the topic which is being discussed above.

To start with, just put a question to yourself on why the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg covers his laptop’s webcam with a tape…?

Naveen Goud
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