FBI Director says that terrorists are becoming sophisticated with Cyber Attacks

FBI Director Christopher Wray has declared that terrorists are becoming more sophisticated in cyber attacks and so the evolution can bring in more trouble to the critical infrastructure of America in coming days.

Wray specifically mentioned that terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS have started using social media platforms on an extensive note for their perverted intentions. And they are doing it in a sophisticated way like using encryption technology and using fake profiles induced with code language for communication.

Hence, law enforcement authorities are finding it hard to break into these conversations which make it difficult for them to take proactive or reactive security measures against security threats.

Wray also gave his insight on FBI allegations scrubbed against Russia for interfering in US 2016 elections. The 51- year old lawyer turned FBI Director said that investigations on such issues are extremely difficult to conclude, especially when the leader of the White House isn’t cooperating.

Perhaps Wray was hinting at Donald Trump’s comments on the probe carried out by FBI on US 2016 elections Russian Interference, which was inferred as a ‘Political Witch-Hunt’ by the current leader.

Note 1- Mr. Chris’s appearance before the committee is his first since taking the office of FBI after Us President Trump fired James Comey in May’17.

Note 2- As soon as the media reported that Russia meddled with the 2016 elections of United States, the 44th President of America Mr. Barack Obama ordered FBI and CIA in Dec’16 to carry out a collective probe on this issue. The investigation was concluded by January first week of 2017 where CIA director announced that Russia did interfere in the election results of America eventually favoring the win of Donald Trump on Mrs. Hillary Clinton.


Naveen Goud
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