FBI Director terms Russia and China as biggest cyber threats to the United States

    FBI Director James B Comey who is about to finish his office term has warned the United States against Russia and China. Terming them as biggest cyber threats to America, he added that the rulers of the nation, James Comey avoided mentioning about election hacking during his first extended remarks since President Trump claimed that Obama wiretapped his phone conversations.

    Speaking at the Boston College’s 1st annual cyber security conference, Comey added that Russia was very well capable of taking down the critical infrastructure of United States; hinting at the US power grids.

    It is a known fact that US president Donald Trump haven’t had a word with Comey since the allegations of Russia influencing the US Polls 2016 emerged up in the media.

    The FBI Director also specified that Nation states like Iran and North Korea are also interested in weakening the integrity of America on a financial and political note. However, he remained silent on the latest Wikileaks report which claimed that US CIA has the capability to break into any computing devices via web.

    Early this week, Wikileaks head Julian Assange created a sensation by announcing that US Central Investigation Agency (CIA) has the cyber capability to breach into the network of any public or private entity in the whole world. Assange added that CIA has some sophisticated tools which could hack connected cars, smart TVs, iPhones, Android devices and IoT via internet connectivity.

    Interestingly, the latest comments from the FBI Director James B Comey coincidentally came just after 24 hours of Julian Assange’s Wikileaks report on CIAs data dump.

    Note- James B Comey is an American Lawyer turned Director of Federal Bureau of Investigation. In September 2013, Comey was appointed as the Director of the intelligence agency by 44th US President Barack Obama. James. 57, was also the person who was in-charge of investigating the Hillary Clinton’s email server controversy. James’s role in the email controversy proved as a decisive factor in Clinton’s electoral defeat against President US President Donald Trump.

    Naveen Goud
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