Finland Parliament witnesses Cyber Attack


Finland has issued a warning to all its government organizations about a digital assault carried out by Russia. Reacting to the news that its Parliament website was targeted with a Ddos attack, the Finnish Security and Intelligence Service (SUPO) felt that more such attacks might strike in coming years as the country has joined NATO as Moscow is still continuing its invasion on Ukraine even after a time frame of 150 days or close to six months.

As per the initial investigation carried out by the IT wing, the distributed denial of service attack began at 2:30PM, blocking access to the website to genuine web traffic.

During the same time last month, Finland’s news agency STT was also targeted by a digital attack making it inaccessible for days.

In April this year, Finland’s Defense Ministry and a few other government websites were cyber attacked.

Kremlin doesn’t want Finland and Sweden to join NATO and so is trying its best to threaten the country’s leaders and citizens.

Meanwhile, Biden has signed a ratification document that grants permission to Finland and Sweden to join NATO.

The country along with Estonia is soon going to pass an order to stop all tourist visas to Russian Citizens, as they were ineligible to hold a vacation in the scenic locales of Europe, as their leader Vladimir Putin was wading a senseless war with Ukraine.


Naveen Goud
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