FireTail Unveils Free Access for All to Cutting-Edge API Security Platform

  • FireTail announces a free version of its enterprise-level API security tools, making them accessible to developers and organizations of all sizes.
  • FireTail’s unique combination of open-source code libraries, inline API call evaluation, security posture management, and centralized audit trails helps eliminate vulnerabilities and protect APIs in real-time.
  • The free plan covers up to 5 APIs, includes 1M API call logs per month, offers 7 days of data retention, and provides clear developer support.

FireTail, a disruptor in API security, unveils free access for all to its cutting-edge API security platform. This initiative opens the door for developers and organizations of any size to access enterprise-level API security tools.

Today, over 80% of all internet traffic is computer-to-computer communication via APIs. Every mobile app, IoT device, and most modern software applications use APIs, creating a broad attack surface for potential threats. FireTail’s hybrid approach to API security blends open-source code libraries with a feature-packed cloud platform and equips businesses with a unique suite of tools to eliminate API vulnerabilities and provide robust runtime API protection.

“API security is essential for modern applications, and every developer and tech team should have access to effective security tools,” said Jeremy Snyder, CEO and Co-Founder of FireTail. “Security through obscurity is no longer a viable approach. We’re on a mission to secure all of the world’s APIs and our new free plan ensures ongoing access to an API security platform that delivers genuine insight into the most pressing attack vectors – design flaws in APIs. It’s perfect for smaller organizations striving for stronger API protection, and a great way for individuals or teams within larger organizations to get started.”Riley Priddle, Co-Founder and CTO at FireTail, added, “We’re excited to help organizations of all sizes to better protect their APIs. We want FireTail to become the de facto standard when it comes to API security. Just because you have a small number of APIs, it doesn’t mean they aren’t critical. We want everyone to have access to the best, enterprise-level API security tools. That’s why we offer both this free tier, as well as our open source libraries.”

For developers and small to medium-sized organizations needing to secure up to 5 APIs, FireTail’s free tier includes comprehensive API security features such as discovery, inventory, assessment, detection and response, and inline runtime protection. Key features include:

  • Protection for up to 5 APIs
  • 1M API calls per month
  • 7 days of logging retention

Thomas Martin, Founder at NephoSec, shared “We’ve been working with FireTail from the outset as both a customer and a distribution partner. Having proven that the platform works for even the largest enterprises with the most complex API security requirements, it’s great to see the team opening that technology up to everyone. This will enable us to solve API security challenges for organizations of all shapes and sizes.”

To access the FireTail API security platform, users can visit or join the team on Tuesday, July 2nd for an in-depth look at what FireTail’s free tier can do.

About FireTail

FireTail allows customers to solve all the most critical problems facing APIs today with a hybrid approach, bringing together cloud, application and code with full blocking capabilities to solve the root causes of API data breaches – flaws at the application and business logic layer in authentication, authorization and data handling. Headquartered in McLean, VA, with offices in Dublin, Ireland, and Helsinki, Finland, FireTail is backed by leading investors, including Paladin Capital, Zscaler, General Advance, and SecureOctane. Users can learn more at


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