French company sues Apple Inc over Data Privacy


We all know that Apple offers devices that are extremely reliable when it comes to the function of keeping the user data safe from snooping eyes and governments. But on contrary to what is being assumed, a French startup has sued Apple Inc for sharing user data with its affiliate companies with no permission or knowledge of its respective consumers.

The name of the company that is in discussion is France Digitale that is preparing to file a privacy lawsuit against the iPhone maker with the CNIL, as most of the European GDPR are being breached up.

CNIL aka Commission Nationale de Informatique ET Des Libertes has agreed to take the probe on the allegations that Apple’s latest iOS 14 is not complying with the EU privacy rules for reasons.

France Digitale criticizes for deviating from its words of offering utmost privacy to its users by launching key identifiers that allow apps to connect with ad servers to send targeted advertisements as soon as the device connects to the internet.

Organizations must take prior permission from the installing consumer on whether to collect data by the app. But the French-based consortium of startups that represents over 1,500 tech entrepreneurs from EU says that Apple secretly runs a tracking functionality that allows all its affiliate company apps to collect their user data and target them with ads.

Apple released a statement that the allegations are completely false and will be disregarded in the right manner through legal channel.

Note– The lawsuit is like Austrian advocacy group Noyb that alleged Apple Inc for collecting and storing data of users from Germany and Spain without their consent.

Naveen Goud
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