Gear Up Your Secure Access Strategy for 2019

Before the advent of Cloud and BYOD, enterprise network access was predominantly restricted to few limited corporate owned devices where network admins had full control and visibility into endpoints. The phenomenon of digital IT has led enterprises to embrace initiatives like Cloud and BYOD, allowing users to use personal devices for corporate network access anytime and from anywhere. This also opened the floodgates for more security loopholes, increasing the number of breaches and targeting access security. The amount of money spent on recovering from a breach is far higher than what is spent on planning and implementing security infrastructures.

Securing Access is the Key

How do we solve this problem? Having networking devices with strong security methodologies only solves half of the problem. If you allow access to corporate data from compromised devices, then your secure corporate data will get in the hands of an intruder. On the other hand, if you restrict access to just a few corporate owned devices, then employee and business productivity take the hit. The security posture of your network is not only determined by the devices within your network but also relies on the state of the devices/endpoints accessing your network. It is of paramount importance to protect access to enterprise networks and immediately quarantine any unwarranted access.

So, what is an ideal Secure Access solution. How does Pulse Secure help solve the access problem?

Pulse Secure understands that there is no tradeoff in security. As quoted by the CEO of Pulse Secure, Sudhakar Ramakrishna, Security is all about Access not just control. Built on these principles, Pulse Secure presumes Access as the core facet of Security and thrives in delivering Secure Access solutions for Hybrid IT. Being an industry leader in remote and network access solutions, helping more than 25,000+ customers in their cloud and Hybrid IT journey, Pulse Secure resonates and understands access security requirements of this ever-changing digital IT landscape.

Remote Access

Having an experience of more than a decade in solving all types of remote access problems for all types of industries, Pulse Connect Secure has everything to offer to enable secure remote access for simple networks to enterprise networks spanning across multiple geographical locations, cloud data centers and Hybrid IT.

Enterprise Network Access Control

Pulse Secure supports enterprise network access control methodologies and integrates with enterprise network products like switches and firewalls from multiple vendors to support dynamic policy enforcement. Loaded with all the capabilities to support various enterprise access mechanisms like L2 Access, L3 Access, Guest Access, Unmanaged device access and provides consistent access behavior. Simplified provisioning and on-boarding capabilities for managed endpoints, auto-provisioning of IoT devices in addition to auto-discovery and profiling of all the devices in the network, helps your network scale and securely adopt latest technologies. Check out our integration with Palo Alto Networks Firewall.

Compliant Access

Compliance holds the key to Secure Access. Real time assessment of device postures, assessing vulnerabilities and enforcing immediate remediation actions for any breaches helps maintain a good security posture of your network as well as devices that connect to the network.

Single Sign-On

Pulse Secure supports various protocols to achieve Single Sign-On access to enterprise resources spread across multiple data centers, multi-cloud and Hybrid IT environments. Support of SSO protocols like SAML, Kerberos, Kerberos Constrained Delegation, NTLM, Form post SSO provides SSO to resources located anywhere. In addition to this, VPN and NAC session re-use helps users seamlessly roam without the need to reconnect again.

Seamless Access

Support of features like Per-App, OnDemand VPN and location awareness allows automatic connection establishment with application access and completely conceals technical intricacies to end-users. Pulse Secure provides seamless access and simplifies it to an extent that users get access with one-touch.

Granular/Conditional Access

Pulse Secure’s robust policy framework allows defining granular as well as conditional access policies with differentiated access privileges. Role Based access policies with conditional checks during initial network access in addition to allowing flexible as well as dynamic policies updates with posture changes makes your deployment completely adaptive and secure. Instant remediation actions for any non-compliant access secures your network completely from access breaches.

Federated Access

A strong ecosystem integration and support of standard protocols allow easy integration with third-party products. Be it cross-domain federated access through SAML for Cloud Services, support of IF-MAP federation for on-premise resources spread across multiple data centers, or integration with third-party IdPs, Pulse Secure is the best fit in securing a heterogeneous network with devices from multiple vendors.

Flexible deployment options, simple end-user experience coupled with strong access security principles makes Pulse Secure a win-win for CISOs, Network admins and let’s not forget…end-users.

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