Germany puts cyber attack blame on Russia for disrupting its general elections

Germany has officially put the blame on Russian government for launching cyber attacks to disrupt the country’s general elections. The Germany Ministry issued a public statement on this note yesterday and stated that it has reliable information that the GRU Military Intelligence service involved in espionage tactics where it stole login credentials of some bureaucrats and federal law-makers.

Andrea Sasse, the Spokeswoman for German Foreign Ministry, stated that her country’s investigative officers had enough evidence to attribute Ghostwriter named hackers group involved in the attack that includes a spread of misinformation and influencing operations of critical infrastructure by inducing malware into various service functions.

Highly placed sources say that Ghostwriter was involved in targeting individuals from Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.

To those uninitiated, the Vladimir Putin led nation has been facing allegations from countries like UK and US for influencing its elections since 2016.

Now the latest to officially add to the list is Germany and the development could be with regards to Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline lay-up by Russia that prompted Ukraine to oppose the move of supplying gas exclusive to some European countries.

Note- An article released by the Crime and Security Research Institute at Cardiff University states that some western media channels are being influenced to manipulate the media stories with pro-Russian propaganda and disinformation. For instance, the recent takeover of Afghanistan by Taliban was presumed as an act that sees the end of western civilization-simply based on few comments written on some articles published by daily mail and which were manipulated by Russian media outlets.

Naveen Goud
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