Get smart and stay safe: Best practices to protect you from digital financial fraud


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The past two years have seen a 391% rise in fraudulent attempts that target digital transactions around the world. The research carried out by TransUnion also saw a specific increase of 347% in relation to account takeover so the average consumer needs to up their understanding of financial fraud risks. When data breaches and cyberattacks occur, it impacts society in various ways like lowering consumer trust and damaging foreign politics. Ultimately, the most damaging consequence of cyberattacks to hit North Americans is digital financial fraud. So how can you best protect yourself from digital financial fraud? 
Learn the different types of digital fraud
There are several types of digital and e-commerce fraud that is perpetuated across the world. One of the more common types of digital fraud is identity theft. Around 71% of merchants and businesses are concerned about their clients being targeted…

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