Github refuses Microsoft’s $2 billion acquisition deal


Github, a web-based development platform for software engineers has declined the $2 billion offer of Microsoft to take over its control. But sources from Business Insider say that the proposal of Microsoft to acquire Github for the said sum has not be declined but has been kept on a temporary hold.

Those reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders say that Github is interested in handing over its company controls to Satya Nadela led Microsoft Corporation for a fancy offer of $7 billion or more.

It’s not immediately clear where the talks will land up in the next few weeks. But as per some anonymous sources reporting from the Microsoft Board the deal will take place in August first week and the financial breakpoint will be either $5.5 or $6 billion.

Github, which boasts to have over 24 million software developers as users say that the deal will prove as a profitable edge to Redmond based software giant against Amazon Web Services. And if the Windows giant manages to integrate Github into its own Microsoft Azure Cloud Service, then it can place the American company as an undisputed leader in the cloud business.

Technically speaking, the San Francisco based tech giant has so far invested much of its considerable resources into social networking, which is paying it back on a positive note as it makes teams and communities to collaborate and work together on software.

If Microsoft is in an intention to buy Github, then it can get back all that it has invested within no time.

Imagine, if all the Github projects run on the Azure cloud, then Microsoft can get back the developers love and can also simultaneously keep its Azure platform ever- buzzing.

Moreover, after investing in LinkedIn, Microsoft will also start asking all its future employees to have an active profile in Github in order to keep their resume pepped up with developer skills

Therefore, in whatever way we look into the acquisition deal, it’s proving profitable to Microsoft in a long run.

Naveen Goud
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