Glitch makes data from Google Photos leak to strangers


Google, the Internet Juggernaut has admitted publicly that a glitch caused by a bug has made its Google photos product leak some of its user videos and photos to strangers between November 21st and 25th of the year 2019.

The photo storage platform also admitted that some of the backups might have uploaded to the accounts of wrong users causing chaos for a specific period.

As the company is at fault, it has issued a public apology and stated that all measures have been taken to avoid such glitches to take place in the future.

All affected users were notified about the data mismatch by the team from Google Photos and the underlying issue has been fixed and the mapped data has been re-configured to the respective accounts by last year’s end.

As the company doesn’t know the extent of impacted accounts, it is still relying on the details of the Prima Facie. Once the details of the affected accounts are out through a thorough investigation, the web search giant is intending to issue a digital apology to its users.

A report published in 9to5Google says that only 0.01% of users were affected, out of over 1 billion users worldwide.

As some of the videos were accidentally uploaded to stranger accounts, some people might find this privacy glitch hard to digest.

But as it was caused by the system error; any formal changes would have been reverted on an automated note by November 30th, 2019.

So, if accidentally any stranger could have accessed the videos loaded onto Google Photos accounts, it might be accidental and should accept the apologies from the Alphabet Inc’s subsidiary readily.

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