Global Ransomware attack downs Florida Supreme Court and European Universities


A Global Ransomware campaign has reportedly targeted over 3800 organizations so far, including Florida Supreme Court and Universities operating in the United States and Central Europe. Analysis conducted by Ransomwhere; a digital platform that keeps a tab of all international cyber attacks says that the number of victims might increase as time unfolds. As the digital invasion seems to be the work of a threat group funded by Russia.

Although investigations revealed the attack is not much sophisticated, it is surprising security analysts across the globe because of the speed at which it is spreading.

Neither of the victims from the 12 affected universities, including Rice University in Houston, Georgia Institute of Technology in United States and few of the educational institutions from Hungary and Slovakia, have revealed details of the impact on their operations.

The incident took place just after the revelation of Ransomware attacks on VMware ESXi Servers via a two-year-old exploit.

In another revelation made by air conditioning business giant Bluestar, the technical teams have provided an update that all of their systems were restored and data recovered, after a ransomware gang targeted their IT infrastructure last week.

It is unclear on who exactly targeted the firm with the malware. However, confirmed sources state that the attack was of file encrypting malware variant and they did not bow down to the demands of hackers, as they had an efficient business continuity plan in place.

NOTE- In the year 2019, FBI urged all companies operating in America and abroad to not entertain those spreading ransomware by paying them the demanded sum. As it not only encourages crime but also doesn’t guaranty a decryption key for sure in exchange for the ransom. There is 90% of probability that the hackers could target the same victim twice or thrice in a year, as they perceive their victims as soft targets and money minting machines, thereafter.


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