Gmail offers Security Checkup Tool to curb privacy rumors

Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc has finally reacted to the ongoing media speculations that 3rd party applications can read all the email messages of a Gmail user. The Mountain View-based technology giant has advised all those concerned to use its ‘Security Checkup Tool’ to review and control permissions for the non-goggle apps which have been permitted to access Gmail messages.

Last month, an article published in Wall Street Journal said that people’s private email messages were being read by 3rd party app developers. And this could turn into a serious concern if remained unchecked.

The media source said that developers of various apps were able to trawl the private messages sent and received from a user’s email address resulting in serious privacy concerns for all android phone users.

Suzanne Frey, the director of Google Cloud admitted the fact that apps developers do have the permission to access the info from the apps which are being shared with them. But at the same time, she added that Gmail users are being provided full control over this activity so the reason to concern can easily be terminated.

Now, to those who still feel that the issue should be self-investigated, you can just go to the ‘Security Checkup Tool’ from your account and see which apps are accessing your Gmail services.

Remember, the tool offers the privilege to customize the access and so you can bar all those tools which you feel are irrelevant and delete them on a permanent note.

Just click on the below link, sign-in and check it for yourself

Naveen Goud
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