Google announces to launch conversational AI to its Search Engine


Google has made an official announcement that it will add conversational AI to its search engine capabilities, thus answering complicated questions in a quicker way. Artificial Intelligence propelled answers will be more knowledgeable, intelligent and creative and will be available in a fraction of a second.

Alphabet Inc’s CEO Sundar Pichai called the experimental web search AI as BARD and will be available to testers from the second week of February and on March 29th the service will be made public.

For instance, if we ask a question to ‘OK Google’ on how to play a ‘Keytar’, it is more complicated when compared to the question on how many keys are there on the instrument. So, all such complex driven questions will be answered simply with AI, said Pichai.

Now, to those interested, the update comes just after weeks of Microsoft’s disclosure of $29 billion investment in OpenAI ChatGPT that is a similar chatbot propelled by Artificial Intelligence.

So, is Google AI Search titled BARD a rival to ChatGPT?

Yes, this is what we can conclude for now. However, confirmed sources active on Reddit state that the added advantage of AI to search will be innovative and will offer much more than what the Satya Nadella company’s product is missing…. hope so!

NOTE- BTW, BARD uses LaMDA-Language Model for Dialogue Applications, the web juggernauts own language.


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