Google hits its own headlines because of privacy issues


Google, the internet juggernaut, is hitting its own news headlines for reasons related to privacy and its newly developed digital advertising system.

The California based web search giant is facing a legal trouble with a privacy movement started by Open Web that claims that the tech giant’s new ad policy will restrict open web competition and vitiate fraud detection.

A lawsuit has been filed by some advertisers and publishers with the European Union against the decision of Google to replace the third-party cookies with a new ‘Privacy Sandbox. Therefore, if the decision of the Alphabet’s subsidiary turns real, then advertisers will be forced to take help of Google developed software coverts instead of the traditional cookies that can help track their website user visit’s to a specific location.

Open Web movement claims that the new tech from Google will cut down the amount of data being shared with other tech firms, ad firms and publishers; thus monopolizing the existence of the Android OS maker from then on.

Note 1- Open Web submitted a similar complaint in November last year to the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority and the latest seems to be just a follow up to its data privacy concerns.

Note 2- From the past 18 months, companies having websites have displayed random pop-ups on screen that warn the user that they will track their website visits. However, if Google restricts such scenarios by replacing cookie tracking tools with some other home-grown tools, then it will start charging ad firms and news publishers that offer free content over the web; thus taking a control of the displayed content on its search engine from then on.

Note 3- Google’s decision to ban Cookie tracking tools is only restricted to those using its Chrome browser and doesn’t extend to other browsers such as Edge, Firefox and such.

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