Google scraps down backdoor meant to install play store on Huawei Mobile Phones


Huawei which happens to be a banned company in the entire west except the UK got into an embarrassing situation yesterday when Google announced that it is ‘not’ going to entertain backdoor websites that allow new Huawei Mobile Phones to download its Google Play Store.


The announcement came from the web search giant when few of its researchers found a Chinese website named LZPlay surfacing on Reddit and promoting the download of genuine Google apps to Huawei Phones.


Technically speaking, LZPlay came in to play about 10 days earlier through Reddit and is an ad-free platform that is well designed to help Huawei device users download Google apps.


Google researchers found that the free to download website was specifically launched to entertain Huawei Mate 30 smartphone users who do not get the privileges of accessing Google Play store on their respective devices due to the Android ban.


In May this year, US President Donald Trump imposed an effective ban on the sale and service usage of Huawei products due to a national security concern.


Google was the first US Company to implement the ban by announcing that all future Huawei mobile phones will not be able to use its open-source Android OS versions. Also, the internet juggernaut announced that the current batch of Huawei smartphones will no longer receive security and other updates until the ban gets uplifted.


Note 1- Just after the scrap down of, a spokesperson from Huawei released a press statement that the Chinese company doest have any connections with the doomed website and has never secretly funded by Huawei in any way.


Note 2- In Aug this year, Huawei announced its operating system dubbed Harmony as an alternative to Google Android. But now Huawei Mate 30 users have expressed their displeasure on the OS interface as it lacks the availability of many useful apps such as Google Play Store.

Naveen Goud
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