Google SMS and phone app, sending user data to remote servers


To all the millions of android users, here’s some news that needs your attention on an immediate note. According to a research conducted by Douglas Leith, a Computer Science Professor working at Trinity College of Dublin, Google Phone and Messages app have been sending data to Google servers without the consent of its users.

“The practice of sending information to remote servers has been taking place from the past few years and it is against the GDPR regulations, the data protection law that protects European Users against companies indulging in data abuse”, says Douglas.

Evidence related to the data send to remote servers was made available in a white paper released by Douglas and the title of the technical paper is “What Data do the Google Dialer and Message apps send to Google?”

As per the analysis available in the paper, information such as call time, duration, phone numbers between the call was established, and all log info was being sent to the servers of the Alphabet Inc’s subsidiary.

Internet Juggernaut reacted to the news on an immediate note and agreed that some app info such as technical data like logs were being sent to the servers to keep the apps functioning properly and to debug any service issues with the app, if any. The web search giant also agreed that the phone numbers not saved on the user’s device were being sent to remote servers to keep the device protected from unwanted spam calls.

Note– The web link providing evidence that Google Dialer and Messages app on android are sending information to Google servers without the user’s consent is:


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