Google stops Android user data sharing with wireless carriers due to privacy concerns

Google which used to share Android user data with wireless carriers across the world has decided to shut it down soon and an official statement on this note was issued early today. However, the Google spokeswoman Victoria Keough stated that the Mobile Network Insights Service removal was taken up due to change in ‘Product Priorities’.

Readers of Cybersecurity Insiders should take note of the fact that the service shut down came during the time of a GDPR probe on Google by Irish data regulators. And remember the probe was being carried out on how the internet juggernaut was sharing data of its users with its advertising partners.

Launched in Mar’17, Google’s Mobile Network Insights service used to provide valuable insights to network providers such as the network strength in the region where the user was residing and the data connection speeds he/she was availing.

Note 1- All this data was shared by Google with wireless network carriers only if the Android users shared their location history, usage and diagnostics with Google servers.

Note 2- What this service shut down means that the wireless carriers can no longer get hold of data related to their service of any particular individual’s android device

Note 3- Network carriers used the FREE service provided by Google to know where there was a requirement to upgrade their wireless networks and other things.

Meanwhile, the Alphabet Inc’s subsidiary has made it clear that it is not going to name its next Android Q version with a dessert name. Instead, the web search giant has decided to dub it as Android 10.

Naveen Goud
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