Google throws net neutrality into the air and starts censoring search results for good


Google has started censoring search results says a source from American news website Breitbart and all this is being done for ‘Good’ or for the sake of civility.

Its said that the internet juggernaut has started to manually curate search terms and has started to blacklist those which are termed as offending or politically incorrect.

Breitbart says that tons of keywords are now being manually curated and are being white and blacklisted. Those which are blacklisted may not see light forever, while those which are whitelisted may show up again after a brief hibernation.

Terms such as Maxine Waters, David Hogg + anti-gun activists and abortions are now being removed from Google search terms and its subsidiaries such as YouTube and Google Maps.

Although such activity seems like an attack on Net Neutrality, those supporting Google say that this is being done to benefit web patrons.

However, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has a different version to narrate on this issue and was found to say the same when he testified before the judiciary committee on December 11th last year.

“Google has never manipulated or modified the search results or content in any of its products or services to promote a particular political ideology”, said Mr. Pichai before Congress last year.

Note- Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Alphabet- the parent of Google, was found openly telling Reuters in 2017 that his company’s search engine has teams that work to adjust search results for subjects that are prone to hyperbolic content, fake information, and offensive content across YouTube, Google Assistant, and Google Home.

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