Google to build Dragonfly search engine exclusively for China

Internet Juggernaut Google is all set to release an exclusive search engine for that surfing web from China and sources add that the browser may be exclusive to Android operating system users.

Codenamed as “Dragonfly” the search engine is said to be in lines with the censorship guidelines drafted by the People’s Republic of China and is said to go live from the Chinese new year which happens to be in Feb next year.

But the announcement of the latest development by the Alphabet Inc’s subsidiary hasn’t gone well with the populace of China. Many politicians, human rights activists, Google users and even some of the employees of the company have raised their voice against this development as it allows China to suppress the truth.

A source from Google says that the project development is true and will most probably in app form. Meaning, Google will offer a news app to China which will abide by the censorship rules prevailing in China.

Note 1- Since, Google and many of its services were blocked by the government of China in 2010 for privacy and censorship concerns; Google is planning to reinstate its service operations in China by 2019 by offering exclusive content to the populace of China by making a deal with Baidu- the search engine which dominates China’s search engine market.

Chinese state-owned Securities Times denied the news and said that the info lacks authenticity. The correspondent even expressed surprise with the latest development –especially after the recent trade war between Beijing and Washington.

On the other hand, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) is neither denying nor accepting the news of Google planning an exclusive search engine for the Chinese populace.

Note 2- News is out that Facebook whose services are also banned in China is looking to follow in the footsteps of Google in order to attract the attention of the Chinese populace towards its social media platform. The business theories of China is simple- host the data and services in Chinese data centers and carry on with your business.

Naveen Goud
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