Google to introduce highly encrypted Chrome Browser in TOR style


Google, the business subsidiary of Alphabet Inc is all set to introduce a highly encrypted Chrome browser soon which will be in lines with the TOR Browser. Highly placed sources who are working on the success of the project report that the browser is mainly aimed at governments which are imposing internet parental control systems on their respective populace seeking online services.

However, the National Cyber Security Center of UK which is a cyber unit of GCHQ is concerned that the introduction of browser might hinder their objective of blocking Adult content to those under the age of 18.

Currently, the UK government has directed all its internet service providers (ISPs) to block harmful content which has the potential to poison young minds i.e. those under the age of 18. This includes P$#n content, child ab%se images, blasphemy content like China’s TIK TOK and terror propaganda.

So, broadband service providers like BT, Virgin, and Sky have started filtering out offensive and illegal internet content as per the age of the consumer.

Google’s new Chrome browser will be highly encrypted and will have the capability to bypass parental controls by connecting directly to Google servers.

A discussion by critics on this move will be held on May 8th this year by NCSC and the implementation of blocking P$%n content to underage people will come into effect from July 15th this year on a full scale.

The British Board of Film Classification has been assigned the duty to impose fines of ISPs which do not follow the regulations of the cybersecurity unit of GCHQ.

Naveen Goud
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