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Greenville Water Utility of South Carolina reportedly became a recent victim of a cyber attack where hackers were either trying to lock down the database through malware or were interested in transmitting the data and then selling the info on the dark web.

Spokeswoman Emerald Clark said that the disruption could have impacted over 500,000 customers. But she assured that no data was compromised in the incident. As the servers of Greenville Utility never store the credit card info of its customers, the question of hackers accessing that data is ruled out.

Meanwhile, Bank of Japan(BoJ) which happens to be the country’s main bank has issued a special warning yesterday that cyber attacks on financial institutions are expected ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games. The

BoJ said that the progress in digital technology might lead to a surge up in cyber attacks on financial institutes as technology will surely play a vital role in making the July-Aug Olympic games a grand success.

Coming to the third news, Port St. Lucie located on the coast of Florida is reported to have become a victim of a cyber attack on Wednesday this week. Sources say that the attack was a malware incident which was isolated and contained by the IT officials on time.

Russ Blackburn, the City Manager has confirmed the incident and said that the data related to the parks and Recreational zones were impacted in the incident. As no sensitive info was compromised in the incident, the residents need not worry about the repercussions of the attack.

The 4th news happens to be related to the arrests made by the National Crime Agency of the UK early this week. Almost the same time last year, a massive malware attack that took place on the IT assets of Bank of Valletta made hackers transfer funds to the accounts of overseas banks.

As the government of Valletta on the orders of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat launched an investigation on an immediate note, a team of experts pertaining to the cyber cell was able to reverse the fraudulent transactions made through the cyber attack to recover a large portion of the money.

Now, the news is out that UK’s National Crime Agency(NCA) has made three arrests in Belfast and London as a part of money laundering investigations and arrested Two males aged 17 & 22 and a 39-year-old male in a separate incident.

Malta Police Force Economic Crime Unit has discovered that the three arrested pupils were culprits behind the Malta cyber-attack where over 13 million Euros were stolen in Feb’19 as a part of a cyber conspiracy.

As the three arrested culprits were found spending the stolen funds, the cops tracked them through their credit card transactions where there were found to purchase an expensive Rolex watch, an Audi A5 and a Jaguar from a British Card Dealer.

NCA has a plan to recover all the spent amount from the culprits through various means and is said to produce the arrested before the law by Wednesday next week.

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