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1.) A sting operation carried out by a security researcher from Emsisoft has found that ransomware recovery firm in the UK named RedMosquito has been simply negotiating ransom payments with hackers and charging the clients with inflated bills.

Going into the details, the UK firm which specializes in rescuing machines infected with malware; when contacted by ransomware victims analyzes the infection range and then starts negotiating with the hackers to offer a decryption key. After finishing off the activity with the hackers, it then starts levying inflated bills to the victims who are forced to pay as they have no other choice.

A source from Redmosquito argues that such kinds of medications are only rendered when the victim has data backups on hand as a data continuity option. 

But Fabian Wosar the security researcher argues that the company is following a sham business model which is riskier than what the ransomware spreading gangs are following in business in today’s world!

2.) The second news is related to US cyber attacks on Iran’s missile infrastructure. News is out that the attacks carried out by United States Intelligence Unit of Pentagon couldn’t show its impact on the infrastructural operations of Iran.

The Iranian government has confirmed the news and said that downing of drones might continue and rise if the Trump administration fails to mend its ways.

Meanwhile, the 45Th US President Donald Trump is all set to impose more sanctions of the nation of Iran from this month end and has circuitously warned the nation of more such cyber attacks in the near future.

3.) Coming to the 3rd news related to cybersecurity, it is regarding the cyber attack which took place on NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory last year. According to an update released by a federally funded research lab more than 500 MB of sensitive data was stolen in the attack and that was launched by a cheap and credit sized computer called Raspberry Pi.

The news is related to the April 2018 cyber attack which took place on JPL Network leaking data related to Mars rovers, International space station experiments, and the Voyager probes.

A detailed investigation carried out by NASA Office Inspector General has said that the network intrusion took place in 2017 and remained active for 10 months siphoning data related to more than 23 files out of which the information related to International Traffic in Arms Regulation Info was vital.

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