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Diebold Nixdorf, the banking services hardware provider has made it official that it was hit by a ransomware attack on April 25th of this year leading to disruption in the computer network. The company which offers ATM technology solutions said that it disconnected a few of its critical systems to contain the malware spread and stated that no data was compromised in the incident.


The ransomware attack news on Diebold Nixdorf was first reported by computer security blogger Brian Krebs who said that the company has taken the security breach seriously and has taken all Cybersecurity measures to avoid such incidents in future.


Meanwhile, in other news related to Maze Ransomware, e-commerce technology services giant Pitney Bowes admitted that its systems were hit by ransomware launched by Maze group.


To prove that they have taken hostage of the data, the Maze crew provided 11 screenshots of the data related to the package delivery company which happens to be some directory listings of the company’s computer network. 


Pitney Bowes confirmed the incident and reiterated that a group of security consultants from a third party company has been hired to probe into the matter.


Note- In October 2019, Pitney Bowes became a victim of the Ryuk Ransomware attack on its package tracking systems and relied on its backup systems to recover the encrypted data. And FYI, Maze and RYUK are both data encrypting malware which first steal the data and then post it online to demand a ransom. 


Coming to the third news, Switzerland based company Stadler Rail is said to have become a victim of a malware encrypting cyber attack. Although the company hasn’t confirmed ransomware, it did issue a press statement saying that some of its internal systems were disrupted and the hackers were trying to extort money from Stadler by threatening to make some of the stolen company info public.


As the company’s data back systems were functioning to the core, Stadler expects that encrypted info can be brought back to life and so the question of paying a ransom to the cyber crooks was ruled out.

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