Hackers Cyber Attack UK Aerospace Company by posing a beautiful Aerobics instructor


According to a report from Sky News, a UK based Aerospace company was targeted by a phishing attack, where a top official from the company was befriended by an Iranian hacker in disguise of a beautiful Aerobics Instructor named Marcella Flores.

The highlight of this saga was that the hacker siphoned some classified documents related to the company that included fighter jet designs and some information related to the control and management of the fighter jet.

In a separate incident, intelligence forces from UK accessed classified documents from an Iranian agency that was assigned the activity of targeting western companies with cyber attacks. And as per the accessed cache, the documents contained info on how to sink a cargo ship, blow a fuel station, meddle with the satellite communications devices of shipping companies, meddle with devices connected to smart homes or buildings such as heating, ventilation and lights.

Therefore, all these developments predict a highly sophisticated cyber attack from Iran on the civilian infrastructure of UK, France, Canada, or US in near future.

Sky News proclaims that the data stealing tactics were being employed by an Iranian hacking group named Shahid Kaveh, linked to Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) cyber arm.

Highly placed sources from Sky report that the activity was assigned to IRGC to make Islamic Republic of Iran a powerful cyber force in the entire world.

Ben Wallace, the Secretary for UK Defense, claimed he is aware of the developments notified by Sky News and said that the Johnson led nation will take all appropriate measures to counter such Malicious Cyber Threats on National Infrastructure in the future.

Patrick Sanders, the British Military Cyber Chief, stated that the retaliation measures might turn harsh if Iran doesn’t mend its ways.

Naveen Goud
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