Hackers siphon critical info from McDonalds Canada Website!

All those who have applied to McDonalds Canada website’s career webpage in between 2014 to 2017 are being alerted about a data breach which took place last week. As per the details available to the media, over 95,000 job seekers personal info has been compromised in the data breach and critical info is said to have spilled in the cyber attack.

McDonalds Canada quickly reacted to this data breach and immediately chose to shut down the career section on its home page. It revealed that hackers might have accessed names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and employment background along with other standard application info.

However, the CIO of the food giant said that applicant details such as social insurance numbers, banking info, and personal health info were not at risk as it is hosted on a third party database in an encrypted format.

So, far they are no reports indicating the information accessed has been misused. But the threat doesn’t end here, as the info can also be used in near future by some miscreants of dark web.

McDonald’s has set up a call center which can be contacted by anyone who feels to be affected by the cyber attack. Just call 1(877) 238 3790 and place a reference code of 7827032417.

A dedicated web page has also been set up by McDonalds Canada which offers more details on the hack.

NOTE- McDonald is an America based fast food restaurant chain which has businesses operating in several countries. On March 18th, 2017, hackers targeted McDonald’s India’s mobile app called “McDelivery” which leaked critical info of more than 2.2 million users. Cyber Security Firm Fallible detected the said hack and informed it to the media. The info leaked in the hack included phone numbers, addresses, names, email IDs, home addresses related landmarks and social profile links.

Naveen Goud
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