Hackers target Bear Grylls TV Presenter with Cyber Attack

We have seen world renowned adventurer Bear Grylls fight with snakes, lions and alligators. But now the British enthusiast is seen busy fending off attacks from hackers having the intention to steal currency from him and put a dent to his business and its reputation.

Bear Grylls who has taken many guests like Former US President Barack Obama, Indian Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi, on various adrenaline filled expeditions including Hollywood celebrities like Scarlett Johnson, Kate Winslet, Michael Jordan, Kate Hudson, Michelle Rodriguez, Indian actor Akshay Kumar has hired a cyber security specialist to protect the digital content produced by his TV studio Natural Studios Production from the prying eyes of hackers.

Mind you, the 47-year-old TV presenter who made Discovery Channel rank to in TV ratings with his ‘Running wild with Bear Grylls’ television program offered tips to Actress Scarlett Johnson when her iCloud photos leaked online in 2011. He just asked her to use a remote data wiping software on her next iPhone. So that, if it gets into the hands of hackers, the victim( with Ms Johnson) can use the software to wipe out photos, messages, contacts and other such stuff before it gets misused.

The identity of the hacker/s group has been withheld due to reason. But the intention of the cyber crook/s was clear- to create business disruption, to encrypt data from access for financial gain and to put a dent on the overall reputation of the company.

After seeing success with Man Vs Wild television show in 2006, Bear launched his own television studio in association with Banijay Productions in 2019.

In order to protect the content produced by the company, the Motivational Speaker hired professional security services to keep hackers from invading his studio’s IT infrastructure.

Note- Bear Grylls Wild Adventure Star did not reveal whether it caused any damage because of the digital attack launched by hackers. But a source close to the star stated that his production company has enough resources to thwart cyber attacks of any range.

Naveen Goud
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