Have you heard the news? CloudPassage has debuted Container Secure!

This post was originally published here by casey pechan.

This morning we announced one of the most important updates to the CloudPassage Halo platform to date: Container Secure; an all-encompassing set of automated compliance and security controls for containers.

Our Container Secure solution is the only one currently on the market that secures all three parts of container environments: container images, running containers, and the container engine/host. After all, your containers are only as secure as the hosts they run on.

This upgrade is a core component of our CloudPassage Halo platform. It ensures a monitored and secured containerized environment for enterprises and covers five key elements essential to container security: host security, continuous image assurance, runtime configuration assessment, visibility and compliance, and DevOps ecosystem integration.

Why now? Because the statistics don’t lie. In the 2017 edition of the Portworx Annual Container Adoption survey, 32 percent of responding companies spent $500,000 or more per year on license and usage fees for container technologies, up from a reported five percent in 2016. And industry experts expect container adoption to continue to grow in the coming years.

Expanding into containers was a natural choice. Along with securing cloud workload protection platforms, automating the security of virtual machines (VMs), private cloud, public cloud, and datacenter environments; we can now provide the same automated and efficient security for the container ecosystem, delivering visibility, security, and compliance across hosts, VMs, and containers with a single platform and agent.

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