Healthcare: A Cloud Security Investigation (CSI)


This post was originally published here by Will Houcheime .

More and more, modern healthcare firms are turning to cloud-based tools and enabling mobile data access from personal devices, bringing them higher productivity and employee satisfaction rates. However, organizations that allow physicians to work from unmanaged endpoints have significant data leakage concerns when they fail to equip themselves with advanced security tools capable of delivering zero-day data and threat protection in cloud and BYOD environments. Fortunately, an agentless cloud access security broker (CASB) keeps data in the cloud completely safe, securely facilitates bring your own device (BYOD), and, consequently, enables HIPAA compliance.

As the leading agentless CASB, Bitglass uniquely offers real-time, inline security for any device anywhere. We offer a number of innovative features perfect for securing protected health information (PHI).

  • Our contextual access control governs data access by users’ job functions, locations, devices, and more, ensuring that unauthorized individuals cannot view sensitive information.  

  • With advanced data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities like redaction (perfect for obfuscating items like Social Security numbers in emails) and digital rights management (requiring credentials to view documents and providing only read-only versions), data leakage can become a thing of the past.

  • As Bitglass boasts a one-of-a-kind agentless architecture, data can be secured without requiring software installations on endpoints. This means employees can work from personal devices without having to worry about their privacy being invaded or their devices being adversely affected.

  • Our CASB encrypts file- and field-level data, all while preserving key functionality like search and sort.

  • Activity logs provide detailed insights into all user and file activity, enabling audit, empowering analytics, and granting IT a bird’s eye view perfect for keeping data safe.

  • With the above capabilities (and many more), Bitglass is the all-in-one solution that healthcare organizations need for complete cybersecurity and, consequently, HIPAA compliance.

Today, healthcare organizations are adopting cloud applications rapidly, making cloud-first data and threat protection more important than ever. Additionally, physicians are accessing these cloud resources from their personal devices, increasing the risk of sensitive data leakage. Fortunately, with the Bitglass CASB, healthcare organizations can confidently and securely take advantage of the countless benefits provided by BYOD and the cloud.


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