Help Shape the ISSMP Exam

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Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 1.21.32 PM(ISC)² regularly conducts Job Task Analysis (JTA) studies to review and update the content outline (or exam blueprint) of its certification examinations. A JTA is the methodical process used to determine tasks that are performed by certification holders and knowledge and skills required to perform those tasks successfully. Results of the JTA study link a candidate’s examination score directly to the domain knowledge being tested.

The existing exam blueprint for ISSMP will be reviewed soon. In preparation for the upcoming review, we would like to hear from our ISSMP members who are participating in this forum/community to comment on the new and emerging cybersecurity issues that should be addressed but are not covered in the current ISSMP Examination Outline. This is your opportunity to shape the content of the ISSMP exam. Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your feedback and experiences – it will help us to ensure the ISSMP certification continues to meet the needs of an ever-evolving cybersecurity industry for management professionals.

You can find a copy of the current ISSMP Exam Outline at

(ISC)² would appreciate you reviewing the current Outline and answering the following questions. While responding to these questions, please keep in mind that ISSMP candidates must be a CISSP in good standing and have two years cumulative, paid work experience in one or more of the six domains of the CISSP-ISSMP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK).  

  1. Does the current ISSMP Exam Outline adequately cover the existing and emerging cybersecurity techniques and threats ISSMP practitioners are facing in their jobs today?
  1. If not, what sort of topics/content must be added to the Exam Outline so that it reflects the changing face of today’s cybersecurity for ISSMP professionals?

Please send your comments by June 30 to Your comments will be compiled and presented to the appropriate committee for review. Limit your comments to a reasonable length. 

Thank you for your invaluable insights and support!