Hospitals across the globe suffering from E-Pandemic


When hospitals and other healthcare service providers across the globe are constantly targeted by cyber-attacks, it leads to a Global E-Pandemic. A few of the technology loving freaks might already know the definition of the term called ‘E-Pandemic’ stated above.

So, this article focuses on those who aren’t aware of what is going in the cyberspace and how the hackers are creating a new trouble to the entire humanity by launching Electronic Pandemic that has the potential to cripple the entire IT infrastructure supporting/connecting/operating for a hospital or a healthcare.

For instance, the latest digital attack launched on the Regional Health Agency (ARS) in France has led to a disruption of information technology infrastructure operating in a hospital, triggering the staff to cancel all operations, emergency medical attention related services and patient care.

Francois Braun, the health minister of the State acknowledged the news and stated that a team of experts from Paris where working 24×7 to restore the operations.

Similarly, a ransomware attack on Indian AIIMS hospital has led to crisis as patient data related to over 3-4 crore patients was reportedly compromised in the incident, stated CERT-India.

So, what is the actual motive of such attacks will be the next question to click your mind. Well, they are two aspects that need to be uncovered on this note. First is the monetary gain retrieved by selling such medical data on the dark web. Second is the underlying motive with a state sponsored attack. Cripple the health infrastructure to create political and economic chaos.

To a certain extent, the Corona Virus emergence or COVID-19 outbreak led to the same situation. Where hospitals and governments failed to offer patient care to those suffering with the outbreak because of which a lockdown was announced to contain the virus that in-fact led to an economic slowdown.

Now, the latest on this front seems to be the spread of E-Pandemic where hackers are deployed to cripple the health infrastructure of a particular nation or an entire nation.

Result is that the targeted nation will ask for alms and technical and economic expertise to recover from the situation. And an individual, group or an entire country can take benefit from the situation and make money.

NOTE- Most of the cyber-attacks, especially of ransomware genre, are launched to quench the political, economic, and nuclear ambitions of some national leaders like Putin and Kim Jong Un.


Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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