How Google protects its customer data from Cyber Threats    


Almost every human being in this materialistic world who uses online services is familiar with Google and its products; as in the past few years the tech giant has evolved into a massive data centric business.

Last month, the company sent an automated email to some of its long-time customers saying how it protects their data content with a multi layer security infrastructure building a lot of trust among its users.

In this article, let us explore some highlights of that infrastructure that could help in expelling all concerns related to data security offered by the web search giant.

Physical Security- Google assures that it has a 24/7 physical security in place guarding all its data centers located across the world. The company is also known to implement measures like biometric identification and laser based surveillance to protect its employees and its property from any untoward incidents. An in-house disaster response team also ensures that the data flow of users maintains sanctity and continuity even in the event of fire or flood hits the physical locations of its data center/s.

Customized hardware- To prevent any network infiltration by hackers, Google ensures that its hardware remains well protected to the core with highly customized server components. This is to ensure that only legitimate Google devices are accessing the user content, thus allowing the internet juggernaut deliver security at every level in flow.

Encryption- Google states that it induces encryption into every data flow of its Gmail account users to ensure that it remains secure from any kind of snooping activities launched by state funded actors. Moreover, the company protects the data access to security technologies like HTTP and Transport Layer Security so that emails remain inaccessible to threat actors at rest and in transit.

Malware protection- At every stage, Google protects its users from malware by deploying automated network analysis solutions that keep all kinds of malicious codes at bay. Also, the company scans for software vulnerabilities at every stage using customized multi-purpose tools to ensure quality assurance, software security and to comply with prevailing data protection laws.

Limited Access- Google protects its business data by offering limited access to its personnel to ensure security and privacy at each stage.

Incident Response– According to the “Incident Management at Google Program (IMAG) a 24/7 incident response team is deployed at every data center to detect, resolve and notify related individuals if any untoward incident takes place in the functionality of the data center.

Naveen Goud
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