How many Windows OSes were hit With Wanna cry Ransomware?


WannaCry Ransomware which is playing havoc in cyberspace since May 12th, 2017 is said to have infected more than 35% of Windows 7 operating systems till date. As per the infographics prepared by VeriSign the said malware has succeeded in hitting more than 17,000 systems which were running on Windows 7.

VeriSign report also claims that Wanna cry hackers succeeded in infecting over 23% of Windows XP systems operating all over the world. The company which operates in a diverse array of network infrastructure claims that 12% of Windows 8 and 8% of Windows 8.1 operating system users were infected by the virus on a global note. Out of those using Windows Vista, only 5% of them fell victim to the virus.

Web Domain Provider VeriSign claimed in its report that Wannacry ransomware hackers targeted only companies which were related to IT, Finance, Healthcare, and Telecom. And by hitting Britain’s NHS the hackers succeeded in reaching the core objective of launching the cyber attack.

What did the hackers gain from the WannaCry attack?

Unfortunately, though the hackers succeeded in targeting resourceful institutions with Wanna cry Ransomware, their objective of becoming rich with the cyber attack did not fulfill in practical.

KnowBe4 which warns companies against Phishing attacks said that the damage caused by Wannacry in just the initial four days could have exceeded $1 billion. But the firm also guesstimated through its automated tracker that Wanna cry hackers received a payment of just $116,542 by launching Wanna cry cyber attack.

The firm added that Wanna cry hackers/developers received the said amount of payment in Bitcoins currency from 302 e-wallets- means the attack did not prove fruitful.

Another firm named Elliptic Labs which tracks transactions using the digital currency bitcoins said that hackers who launched the wannacry attack received just $50,000 via online wallets, which is far below than their actual estimation of $200,000 worth of bitcoins.

Thus, after analyzing both the reports we can come to an easy conclusion that Wannacy Hackers succeeded in targeting organizations with ransomware, but failed miserably in making merry on a financial note.

Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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