How to protect your iPhone from Hackers


First and foremost advice is never ‘jailbreak’ your device to access apps and software not available on the Apple store. As it not only defers you from the company warranty but also blocks help from Apple if something unfortunate takes place to your device.


Secure your iCloud account- Never use the same password twice or on any other websites as it allows hackers to target your device for the valuable info. So, for securing the information on iCloud better to use an iCloud Keychain as it helps generate unique passwords and helps your account stay safe from hackers. If possible enable 2-factor authentication as it helps to truly secure your Apple ID.


Update the security patches- Always ensure that your device is loaded with the latest software as it helps in securing the phone from major security flaws and bugs which might others invite hackers to exploit.


Find my iPhone- As soon as this feature is turned on, it helps in tracking down your device when it gets lost. This can be done through another device or computer via And if by chance the device gets into the wrong hands, then you can erase all the data on the device. 


As Apple has made a 6 digit device passcode as mandatory, better to switch to a password which is even longer and must be a combination of numbers and letters. 


Self Destruct feature- If in case you lose your Apple iPhone and imagine it gets into the wrong hands, then you can keep the data on the phone private by enabling the –Self Destruction feature as it helps wipe the device after 10 failed passcode attempts. But if you have children in your house, then better watch this feature as it can backfire.


Just stay away from Phishing scams and pop-ups by not opening emails, and messages sent by unknown senders. 


Better to change your Apple ID password on a regular note- say once in 3-6 months.


Never download any apps which might be spying on your device activity. So, download apps only from trusted resources and never-ever jailbreak.


Only use trusted charging stations and stop using the internet from public Wi-Fi as it allows hackers to steal data from your device.


Experts are suggesting disabling SIRI on Lockscreen as it helps hackers in hacking your device remotely.


Naveen Goud
Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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