How to Protect Yourself from Security Challenges Caused by Video Players

If you are a person who watches a lot of videos streamed online, then you have likely started using an online video player. While some websites, such as Netflix, provide their own player for you to stream videos, there are other services where you can rent or purchase the video, enabling you to stream it down to your computer where you watch on video player.

These video players work perfectly on your computer as well. Should you want to watch a video in your DVD player or have the video on your computer, they are a perfect tool to use to watch your favorite television show, movie, or other video clip. This is why they have become one of the most popular apps you are going to find on the market today, as there are millions of users looking for a video player that best suits their needs.

The HTML5 Player Is a Very Popular Choice

There are lots of options for online video players that work perfectly with any operating system. For a long time, the Windows Media Player was the preferred choice, but it has been surpassed, especially by the HTML5 video player. Because many websites are built using this new programming language, the players that have been created work perfectly on your PC or through a website.

These HTML5 players have become very popular, but that popularity has posed a number of security risks as well. When hackers learn that something is going to draw a large number of users, they are more likely to try to gain access through the player or stream itself, enabling them to get into your computer.

This is what happened to the Adobe flash software. This became the preferred plug-in that many websites were using to show videos and other similar types of clips. That popularity led to hackers targeting it, compromising the program. The problem became so serious that Adobe stopped producing the flash software after 293 fixes over a 14-year period of time.

The Challenge for Users

For users, protecting their systems from these types of acts can be a serious issue. There is a general assumption made by the user that the HTML5 video player is safe to use, but there could potentially be vulnerabilities to them. This has been found in the gaming industry, in particular, where 55% of gamers report that passwords to their accounts have been hacked at some point. It is a clear example of hackers looking for vulnerabilities and popular programs to be able to gain access to user accounts.

There are a number of video players out there, so protecting yourself starts with choosing the right option. The truth is that these hackers are going to continuously try to gain access into these programs, so you want to choose an option that has a proven track record. This is especially true when you look at the particular device you will be using to stream your videos. Choose something that is either specifically designed or has been at least thoroughly tested for your handheld device or operating system.

The best way to defeat these hackers is by using something that is specifically designed to work with your operating system. This lets you know that the vulnerabilities are minimal at worst. This can help to protect you from having your data stolen or your computer accessed.


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