Huawei confirms One million Cyber Attacks every day


Huawei which was trade banned by the United States in May this year says that its computers and networks are being cyber attacked by adversaries over one million times every day. Issuing a confirmation on this speculation John Suffolk, the Security Chief working for the Chinese firm endorsed this news and added that if the company CEO Ren Zhengfei was asked to compromise, he would rather decide to shut down the company than to bow down to the demands of some leaders of developed nations.

Suffolk implied that attacks on its digital assets are being carried out mainly for IP Theft as the company happens to be the world’s leading supplier of 5G network equipment to nations that are willing to transform their networks from 4G to 5G.

So, are the phones which are being released sans Google’s Android software support vulnerable to hackers?

John Suffolk said that Huawei’s Harmony OS system is well-capable to thwart mobile security threats of any range and has the potential to give tough competition to its competitors like Android in the long run.

Suffolk added that within a couple of years, Harmony OS users will have enough apps in the store to deal with the demands of smartphone users like Android.

On a recent note, Huawei has pledged that it will work with customers to shore up their defenses when using 5G equipment. And the company is speculated to have exclusively signed a contract with Britain on this note.

Note- Countries like Australia, United States, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, and Canada have joined hands to ban Huawei’s trade in their region. This includes the supply of 5G equipment for telecom transformation to companies in and around their region.

Naveen Goud
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