Huawei equipment eavesdropping on Dutch Mobile users

Dutch Mobile Network KPN Mobile is in news for all wrong reasons as the company is being trending on Google for being targeted by Chinese state funded agencies that indulge in eavesdropping.

According to a Netherlands news resource de Volkskrant, Chinese intelligence services have been eavesdropping on KPN Mobile users through Huawei equipment.

The news resource cited a report compiled by Capgemini as its reference material and is ready to prove the facts to questioning people through proper channel.

Phone calls, Text messages, and video calls to a certain extent were tapped by Chinese Communication Giant since 2010 says the report of Capgemini.

Capgemini claims everything was being monitored through the communication equipment, including the phone lines being tapped by the law enforcement because of various reasons.

KPN Mobile Network has been asked to submit a report on this issue as the de Volkskrant claims that the espionage activity also covered the calls of former Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, a few government MP’s and some private company heads.

Information on why the dutch daily morning newspaper kept the details as a secret till April 2021 is yet to be known. But it had access to the info of Capgemini report since December 2020.

It is still unclear whether all the company’s 6.5 million subscribers were on the radar of the Huawei eavesdropping.

But a source from KPN Mobile Network has confirmed that the Telecom services provider has taken the issue seriously and has given a briefing on the issue to the office of Netherlands last week.

Note 1- Huawei equipment was reportedly being used in the 5G network building in Netherlands till January 2020.

Note 2- In October 2020, KPN Networks announced it will use Sony Ericsson network equipment for 5G network building.

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