IDC says that companies are migrating away from Public Clouds


Public Cloud providers might find this news post a bit distressing as a survey conducted by IDC says that businesses are migrating applications and data away from public clouds at a staggering rate since 2017.

Out of 400 IT decision makers who participated in the survey, more than 80% of them agreed that their organization either migrated applications or data that were primarily on public cloud environment to on-premises data centers or private cloud solutions in the past 14 months.

Furthermore, some of the respondents added that they will move 50 percent of their applications installed on public cloud to private environments by this year-end.

“This trend is being observed as people are starting to get smarter when it comes to workloads which have to be operated via public and private clouds”, said Craig Manahan, the data center infrastructure manager at Round Tower Technologies, Cincinnati.

However, IDC observed that the trend was being witnessed due to security fears possessed by public clouds. Among the respondents, more than 60% of them believed that their data is well protected and secure when they are hosted on public clouds. And as soon as their learned that their assumption was a pure misconception, they started to migrate to more secure environments like private clouds.

Manahan says that businesses should learn to architect security and data protection solutions for on-premises and private cloud environments. In-turn this practice this not only creates to them a better visibility but also cuts down costs to a large extent.

IDC survey figured outperformance, cost, and control as top reasons for respondents to be moving away from public clouds.
In an interview with CRN early this year, Michael Dell, the CEO, and Founder of Dell echoed a similar statement that on-premises solutions are nowadays proving more cost-effective than public clouds for a majority of workloads.

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