Immediate things to do if your Apple ID has been compromised


Are you concerned that some unknown person could have hijacked your Apple ID Account to steal all your digital secrets? If so, then you can just follow the following tips to take control of your Apple account.


First of all, it’s proved that your account info from Apple was changed if you get the following notification-


1.) An email stating that your Apple ID sign-in was identified from a new device like an email message stating- Apple ID was used to sign in to iCloud on a Windows PC.


2.) A confirmation email from Apple Inc that your account password was recently changed


3.) If in case your device is locked and is placed in lost mode without your knowledge


4.) If you find SMSes and files deleted


5.) You’ve been charged for the iTunes you haven’t purchased


6.) Your password doesn’t work anymore


How to start the process of gaining control of your Apple ID Account


a.) First, try to sign-in to your Apple ID Account page. If that doesn’t work then better to reset or unlock your account


b.) Change your Apple ID Password and this time use a strong password which consists of Alpha-numeric characters tucked with 1-2 special characters.


c.) After a log-in please check whether your name is correct, and the primary email ID is perfect according to your choice. Also, see that the alternate email address or the rescue email addresses and phone numbers are correct


d.) See that the devices associated with your Apple ID are in sync to the set up of 2FA


e.) Change your security question if necessary and do prefer something wise than something easy to guess


f.) Always opt for a 2FA for your Apple ID as it offers an additional security feature denying any fraudulent access.


g.) If all the above doesn’t work in your favor and feel that your Apple ID is disabled, then better contact the Apple Support

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